Thomas / IG: @4_inferno

How did you meet/connect with OC Overland?

I first met the OC Overland guys before it was even an official group.  I had contact with a couple of the guys through Instagram, but I never had the chance to wheel with them until I was out on a huge meet out in Joshua Tree in March of 2017.  When I first stumbled across them one of the guys had blown up one of his wheels while racing through the desert.  While the circumstances were not the greatest (changing a tire in the heat) the reception I received as I rolled up was awesome and since then I’ve been as active in the group as I can be from the beginning.   


What do you feel/think about OC Overland?

The bond that OCO has created in the off-road community is unbelievable.  They have brought thousands of people from varying off-road backgrounds, automotive preferences, and lifestyles together to form, in my opinion, one of the best off-road/overland groups out there.  They are a group of people that are capable of turning any tough time on trail into a great time once they get to camp no matter what.  This group has some of the best times while on trips and even at home just hanging out. They are not just a group on social media, they’re a family outside of what others can see.

What sets OC Overland apart from other “groups”? 

Since OC Overland started up, only months ago, they have grown at a breathtaking pace while maintaining the core values that they started out with.  Their events are not only trail rides and camping trips, but they also host meets to raise money for various charities, organizations, and disaster relief showing how this group is so much more than just another off-road/overland.  The group of guys (and girls) from OC Overland are like family to each other and are more than welcoming to anyone new at all of their events.  While they started out different from all the other groups and still maintain that same mindset the one thing that truly sets them apart from every other group is the fact that they put together trips of varying difficulties for everyone.  It doesn’t matter what someone drives, how much experience they have, or how built their rig is, if its capable of completing the trip safely, OCO will take them on a trip.  Other groups are hesitant to take on inexperienced people with relatively stock rigs out on trips, shutting off those experiences to new people.  OC Overland’s willingness to welcome and bring anyone on trips is what truly sets them apart from every other group out there.  I’m proud to say I’m apart of such an upstanding group and plan to stay with them for the indefinite future.