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I met OCO before it was even OCO...(the incubation period if you will lol), it was a bigger JTree meet.  I wheeled\ camped with Chris and Kunaal consistently prior to this trip (about 6 months to a year), they said they were bringing a few more guys from OC to come out (was their first time out or maybe first couple times out) but I'm thinking "the more the merrier".  As soon as I met KC and James it was just like the movie Stepbrothers "did we just become best friends...YUPP!" They were like minded people around the same age that enjoyed off-roading, camping, and eating well just like Chris, Kunaal, and I did.


What I think about OCO?  Oh boy, here goes...I come from multiple car cultures from Honda, Subaru, Toyota drifting, Audi, etc. and none had the hospitality or family feel like OCO does.  The Toyota drift was by far the closest but no where near OCO's vibe.  What I mean by this is there's a lot of hostility or "hate" that goes on with any car culture there's even some in the off-road scene.  I've noticed it's like a 1-up thing with gear, when people see what kind of gear you get they feel like they need to 1-up you or they feel they're better than you since they have all the best gear?!?!?  OCO works with vendors to give discounts to everyone when they can, now that's what I'm talking about!  Off-roading can get expensive so discounts go a very long way.  This is that OCO family feel I'm talking about, a group that looks after one another and pushes each other towards their cars goals.  Usually at car meets people most people just stick around their cars and either judge other peoples cars or are on their phones the whole time, not really talking with one another.  Not OCO they get people involved, include EVERYONE no matter the background, lifestyle, family w/ kids, as long as you enjoy off-roading, camping, and an all around good time you'll feel welcomed at OCO.


What sets OCO apart from other groups is they do more than just get together and hang out and have fun on trips.  They give back to the community with their can food drives, red cross donations, local trail clean ups, the list can go on and on.  What other groups do you know of that do that, I can't think of any?  Also on all of the trips they feed everyone...I mean everyone!  Usually people only bring food for themselves or their small sub group but OCO feeds everyone until they're full and can't eat anymore.  Once again going back to that family theme...are you starting to see a pattern now?  Overall I've seen OCO blossom from when it started to what it is now and to be honest I can't wait to see where it goes in the future.  The "Family" keeps growing and growing and I'm exited to see how far OCO can spread.  (I'm not from OC I'm from the IE and choose to drive 30-40 miles just to hang out because the family bond is so strong).

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