Sang / IG: @SlickIS300

How did you meet/connect with OC Overland?

I meet OCO at one of their many events, through friends, and still continue to attend.

What do you feel/think about OC Overland?

Off-roading has always been one of my interest but OCO has open my eyes to Overlanding. Overlanding is more than just getting over rocks and tough obstacle, it’s an adventure driven life style. It’s about getting people together, outdoors, enjoying nature in the presence of great company. 

What sets OC Overland apart from other groups? 

OCO feels more like a community, not just a group, they are often considered “family” to many of the individuals that attends the event, including me. Often times, you see the same familiar faces, like a family reunion, everyone gathers together bringing food and drinks for all to share, having a good time.