Matt (DEW) / IG: @mattdewread

1. How did you meet/connect with Oc overland?

  • I met OC Overland at their second Meet & Greet (which was posted on Instagram) back in early August at the Gunwhales Brewery. Instantly hit it off with all the wonderful men and women!


2. What do you feel/think about Oc overland 

  • I cant stress enough how accepting, loving, respectful and helpful this community is. OC Overland is not a club, it is a FAMILY. The leader, Casey, puts in a tremendous amount of work organizing wheeling/camping trips, community give-backs, meet-up, designing stickers/patches/events. Much love brother. To simply put it, I love OC Overland and am extremely blessed to have them!


3. What sets Oc overland apart from other “groups”?

  • First and foremost, we DO NOT charge a “member fee”. All rigs, families, dogs and food are welcome :) OC Overland doesn’t just off-road. We give back in the form of trail trash pick ups, fundraisers, and giving back to those in need.. There is a common rule in off-reading: “Pack-in, Pack-out”.. Meaning, whatever you bring to the campsite, you take out. We don’t litter, cause a ruckus, OC Overland is not “rough and rowdy”.. We have a tread lightly, have a good time, and every member is willing to give a hand to anybody who needs help. One for all, and all for one!
Casey Ngo