Mark & Tiff / IG: @Mtnrnr_t4r

How did you meet OCO?

We connected with OC Overland earlier this year at Toyotafest May 2017. It was intimidating at first but that intimidation quickly went away as we got to know them.  We had our 4rnr for a few months before and had never hit the dirt, until we met them. We were new to all of this, oc overland welcomed us with open arms. They have always had advice to share and been very knowledgeable. 

Feelings/thoughts about oco: 
Oc overland is family. A group of people who truly cherish friendship, the outdoors, and having a good time. Like I said...FAMILY. 

What sets oco apart from other groups: 
After going on a couple trips with OCO, we learned that it’s not only about off roading, and camping. They truly care about the community, people and relationships built. Whether it’s giving back to a local homeless shelter, helping with natural disaster relief, or setting up a camping trip, they make this community great to be apart of. While other “groups” have premiums to be apart of, oco is not about profit. With OCO it truly doesn’t matter what you drive, everyone is always welcome. 🤙🏻

Aaron Satterfield