Kyle / IG: @OverlandGX

How did you meet/connect with OC Overland? 

I first connected with OC Overland on Instagram. While looking at some related hashtag, I came across their page. Once I realized they were a group who was interested in the type of off-road adventures that I enjoy, I decided to message them. Casey instantly welcomed me to the OC Overland Family and told me to stay tuned for upcoming trips.  

What do you feel/think about OC Overland?

Based on a recent trip with a small group, I feel that OC Overland and team are spearheaded by someone who genuinely cares about the off-road community and who really just wants to have fun doing what he loves with as many people as possible. It doesn't matter what you drive or how "new" you are, OC Overland is for everyone.  

What sets OC Overland apart from other groups? 

Apart from the fact that you don't have to pay to be a part of the group, what really sets OC Overland apart from our "Overland Groups" is that they are just as focused (if not more) on giving back as they are on their trucks. This community is more than a group of guys getting together to go get their rides dirty. I have seen first hand how the OC Overland Family comes together to give back to our local communities as well as regions across the country needing help.