Jim Reynolds / IG: @ripcord_

How did you meet/connect with OC Overland?: I had followed them for a while on IG, so once I moved to SoCal they were the first ones I hit up about going on some trail runs. I have never looked back since!

What do you feel/think about OC Overland? : From day 1 they have made me feel like a valued member. Community is the best description that comes to mind. I think the biggest thing that holds new people back from attending events is being unsure if they will really feel like a part of it all. Well with these guys, you will!

What sets OC Overland apart from other groups? : Its the willingness to accept new members on trail runs and educate them. Allowing room for new people becomes increasingly difficult as any group grows, the OCO guys do a good job of maintaining that aspect.

Aaron Satterfield