Freddy / IG: DirtyReaper_t4r

How did you meet/connect with OC Overland?

I found OCO exploring Instagram. A day before OCO had just posted a meet and greet and that’s when I decided to go. My life will never be the same... haha

What do you feel/think about OC Overland?

Well after meeting OCO for the first time I only didn’t get out of my bubble, I found my new brothers and sisters. They have been super awesome with my family and treat everyone like they known them for years. All the trips have been super fun and they know what they’re doing. Safety is their number one concern when hitting the trails. If you ever feel like you can’t make it up something they are there to give you 100% support to pump you up and get you up safely. From wheeling to the food they never disappoint. Man I love this family!!

What sets OCO apart from everyone else?

I would say is the love for their community. Not only the for the group but for Orange County communities. The time and effort they have put in helping others and making group trips has brought all of us together. They don’t ask for membership fees or ask for anything just to come out and have a great time. One drink around a camp fire with the group will make you feel like your with family. That’s how it should be. No BS just dirt and laughs.