Emily / IG: @gr8eej

Hmmm. How do I really feel about OC_Overland.....F*&king love them. 

How did you meet/connect with OC Overland?

I first met the group at their introductory meet and greet back in April. I was hesitant to go because I'm a huge introvert and very shy. 

Shortly after that, I went on my first trail run with the crew. Was unsure of what was going on and didn't know what I was doing. Clueless about airing down and airing up. Casey and the rest of the group were very helpful and supportive in the fact I looked so lost and confused....even though they got me stuck on my first time out. It was all part of the experience and it didn't discourage me from going back out.

What do you feel/think about OC Overland?

This OC_Overland "group" is more like a family. A family I never knew I wanted, but thankful to be part of. You can ask any one of them for help at any time. You can contact different people and hit the trails and get to know more people.

What sets OC Overland apart from other groups?

I feel what sets the OC_Overland family apart from others is the fact that not only do they hit the dirt and camp, they also help clean up the trails and help in the community.

Thank you OC_Overland family for helping me get out and see this beautiful state.