Chris / IG: @chrisle777

The outdoors has always been a significant and influential part of my life. Offroading and camping were always at the top of the list. Life got at me (had to act like an adult) and I traded my beat up Tacoma for a sedan and hadn't been able to go out anywhere. After making the amazing decision to sell my Benz and buy my '16 4Runner TEP I started heading out on my own again. I found some groups and began to go out to large group meets and started meeting some like minded people. In April of '17 there was a very large group run to Joshua Tree. I chose to go out with the morning group and I couldnt be happier that I did. We wheeled all day and when we finally met up with the group at camp there didn't seem to be a place for us. Nobody really waved or really helped guide us as to where we should set up. We decided to make camp at an adjacent clearing. Our camp was eloquantly dubbed "Downtown" and that's where all the magic happened. I was part of OC Overland. After the Joshua tree trip, we already felt like family. Unfortunately, shortly after meeting all these great people, I was in a serious motorcycle accident. It put me out of comission and bed ridden for a few months, but I could not be more fortunate. I knew the friends I made at camp had become family when they came to visit and support my recovery. I'm still recovering but thanks to OC Overland I am also still out there wheeling, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. I wouldn't be able to be out there on my own, but with all the love and help from everyone I am able to enjoy life. OC Overland isn't just an IG profile, it's not a Toyota fan club(well maybe just a little;), it's not some offroading business facade...OC Overland is a family of people who love living life outdoors and offroad.