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How did you connect with OC Overland?

 I came across this IG account scrolling through different Instagram accounts and hashtags at a time when I was very interested in off roading and modding my truck.   

What do you think about OC Overland?

OC Overland posted something about a trail run and I decided to join. I was intimidated because it was my first time and I messaged KC just to make sure my truck was gonna be able to handle the trail and that I wasn’t gonna get stuck. He reassured me it was an easy trail and that I will be going with an experienced group. So I went on that trail run with them and they’ve opened up a new expensive hobby for me. 😂 The knowledge I gained from everyone helped me out a lot. Though I’m not able to join them as much as I want to because of work I’m able to go out and venture on my own or with another group of friends when I can. 

What sets them apart from other groups?

These guys are always having events that enable us to give back to the community such as the “clean up your favorite trail” run. 

They know how to make giving back to the community fun and are always willing to give you tips. Most recently I got a text from KC telling me they can get my tires at a discounted price and I can appreciate that since it’s challenging to pay for them at full price so anything to keep the overhead low helps. Sometimes they have install sessions where they will help you install something on your rig. They have camping trips which will allow you to explore new places you wouldn’t be willing to go by yourself. And they also have plenty of meet and greets just so you can put a face to the Instagram account and meet the people you follow or follow you. Once you join them you really do become part of a big family.

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