Product review: Boslla Bullet Bulbs

What’s up guys & gals?

I installed a new mod and thought it would be a great time to do a little review to inform you on what I think of them!


Those of you that know me, know I am not a big light guy. I was completely satisfied with the stock halogen headlights lights. Then my friend gave me his LED bulbs for the fog lights when he switched to Baja Designs. After swapping my fogs, I realized they were a lot brighter; that’s when I realized the lack of lighting from the stock headlights. After doing my daily scan on Kickstarter, I came across these bulbs; my first reaction was “that’s a great idea, wonder if they’d work on the 4Runner.” After double checking with Boslla on the available bulbs I decided to be one of the early backers for a reward of two sets for 89$ with a retail price of 139$ each. A couple months later after the crowdfunding goal had been reached and production started, I received H11 bulbs for the low beam and 9005 bulbs for the high beam. I wish I thought of it before to get two sets of H11 bulbs for lows and fogs as the high beam color changing feature won’t be used as much.

The installation took about 10-15 minutes each side for both high and low beams. My initial reaction is wow these are impressive and are going to be extremely useful. You’re going to immediately notice the change in light output especially if your going from the stock halogen like I did as you would with any other led bulbs. Are these the brightest bulbs out there? No, I’ve seen many brighter headlights on some of my friend’s vehicles and on the road. But that wasn’t my huge draw to get these, what got me was Boslla’s slogan, “the worlds first four color LEDs.” This is what truly sold me, with just a flick of the switch I am able to toggle between 6.5k white, 4.3k neutral white, 3k yellow, and a yellow SOS flashing setting for both lows and highs.


I’ve had these Boslla Bullet Led Bulbs in my 5th gen 4Runner now for a little over a month. My feelings have not changed and I’m glad I took a chance and funded the Kickstarter campaign. I’m sure you’re asking yourself why or when would you be changing the color of your headlight output (I thought the same). For the majority of time on the street when I have my headlights I have been using the neutral white or white. Luckily in the past week I have had the opportunity to use them in rain, early morning fog, night time, on dirt and even in the snow . This is where I’d say I had the opportunity to get a true feel of the usability of the color changing feature. The neutral white was ideal in rainy and foggy conditions as it wasn’t too extreme. I tested the yellow and that was definitely a huge improvement in visibility but here in California I am not fully certain on the legality to be driving with yellow headlights. Great thing with these you can easily switch them! Yellow was also used on the trail to help oncoming vehicles see me thru the dust and dirt. The flashing feature could definitely be handy in times of emergency or needed to get someone’s attention, or some good old party landing at the campsite. UNCE UNCE UNCE!
The main downside that I have experienced is I can’t just select the color I’d like but you need to toggle thru the order to get it. So when I skipped past the neutral white I had to go thru all settings them to get back to it. Luckily it isn’t too often you’ll be needing to change colors on the fly. I found myself choosing the color before putting it into gear for the most part. Having the exposed fan is another downside (I was able to modify the stock covers to keep it shield and airflow) but we will see how it holds up to the elements. Also with any LED in the high beams spot, you’ll get flicker when DRLs are on. In the 5th generation 4Runner 9005 bulbs are used as the DRL and high beams. That was a simple fix by bending pin #2 out of the way on the relay for headlights. The next question would be the longevity of these bulbs, Boslla does have a one year warranty and states a lifetime of 50,000 lighting hours. They’ve also backed their product and testing that the bulbs can withstand extreme heat and cold, are waterproof, mud proof, and have a built in above industry standard cooling fan.
My short term verdict is, I wish I informed more people about these bulbs before the crowdfunding campaign had ended!

You can purchase yours here:

Kunaal Kumar
VP/Navigation Manager
OC Overland