With everything going on lately, and our busy schedules we haven't been able to all get together and enjoy each others company in a while!

NOTE: We want to apologize ahead of time for not naming the location we are at, although it is popular, not everyone knows it and in order to preserve the location we would like to keep it that way.

We set up a day for some fun in the sun down in San Diego; change is always nice & with this heat lately - what better to do than hang at the beach?!

The word on the street was this spot fills up fast, so we switched our 9:30 take off time to 7:30 to ensure we got prime parking location. This spot is awesome, you can pull the rigs up directly on the beach. The water was super warm all day/always because of the way the bay was built, so at 8:45 we were already able to jump in the beach!

Days like these are priceless, no worries, just a great time. Paddle boarding was in full affect, Kunaal was taking the kids out one by one around the bay. The rest of us started setting up, pulling out the awnings, getting the tents popped and the games pulled out! Corn hole was the popular game on this day, if you haven't played you definitely should!

Time flew by and it was already time to eat! Liz & Aaron were first to cook a meal, some stir fried noodles & veggies! MMMmM it was delicious; there was mouth watering food all day as always. Jose cooked some Korean BBQ, and I made some baja chipotle chicken. After some full belly's some frisbee and football was taking action! The kids were playing in the sand and I finally got the chance to take a step back and take it all in. I am so grateful for all these people that i've met; we are truly a family and its awesome.

It was time to head home & another chapter has been added to our memory books. Until next time ya'll!