What's happening Oc Overlander's?!

It's been a while since we wrote a blog but we are back! 

This past weekend we had an awesome event at the VTX HQ hosted by us and Socal Tacomas. The turnout once again was incredible, after every event we always say "I don't think we can top this one!" It just gets better and better every single time.

We would like to thank the vendors for once again donating to our charitable efforts, the raffles were amazing as always. We raised $3,500 for the Anaheim Fire Rescue & C4K (Cops for Kids).

  • Baja Designs
  • Cali Raised
  • Rig'D
  • Biltwell
  • Front Runner
  • CBI
  • Tembo Tusk
  • FSR
  • C4
  • Tacoma Krew
  • Decked
  • Wilco
  • Maverick Powder Coat
  • Overland Bound
  • Mobtown Off-road
  • CBI/Prinsu
  • Rago Fabrication
  • Shower Pouch
  • Pro Eagle

The event was supposed to start at 10AM, but as always a bunch of rigs showed up way early. We rolled in at 7:30 and there was at least 10 rigs already there. As the days rolling up to the event were coming up we noticed a huge spike on social media! It seemed as if EVERYONE was attending, we were really excited to see what the turnout was going to look like. 

By 9:00 the lot was already looking full with so many awesome rigs from all over, it was a sight to see. A lot of the builds we follow showed up and it was great to finally put a face to some of these rigs. The vibe and energy of the event was of the charts, everyone was super friendly and seemed to really enjoy themselves. It's always a good time to personally meet so many people who support you through social media. 

By 11:00 the grill was on and the food was getting served! Socal Tacomas took care of all the grilling and serving, thanks dudes! Burgers and dogs filled the empty stomachs and the raffle booth was poppin! A rough count was taken on all the rigs and we tallied 480 rigs... That is not a typo, 480! I would like to personally thank Jason @sr5mag_taco for helping us park all the rigs and getting everyone situated, you the real MVP!

Its raffle time, we gathered everyone to the booth and started pulling tickets! It was so awesome to see the faces on everyone when winners were called, people were so genuinely stoked for each other to win. We got around to the last raffle item, we saved the VTX wheels for last. As always, once we called the last ticket and the winner was announced - people started leaving. Jason @tacodust came up to me and asked for the MIC. He mentioned the turnout was so awesome Rich @rich_varrstoen should definitely raffle off another set of wheels. I thought that was an awesome idea until Rich hit us with a curve ball, Rich said he would raffle a set of wheels if Jason raffled off his personal wheels LOL!!!

Well.... Jason, called Rich's bluff 100% and said he was down! It was such an awesome moment and the crowd definitely enjoyed every second of it. Two tickets later, we had two new winners and Jason ended up actually giving up his set of wheels! 

This event was one for the books and we want to thank everyone for coming out! Until next time!!!!

Enjoy the pics and videos below!

Photo Cred: @milkteacoma @magic_bob

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