You know what they say, better late than never!

It's been a while and we've missed a few blog posts on events/things we've done but we are going to start getting back into the flow of things & get our website back to where it was.

Is one year a long time? It can be in my opinion. It depends on what you make of it and if you're having fun right? Well we definitely had a lot of fun this past year and time flew by.

When Oc Overland was first started, we knew one thing, we wanted to bring the community together. We wanted to connect all types of people from different locations while maintaining the grassroots method. What is grassroots? The love for the outdoors, camping, off roading, camaraderie, all that rolled into one big community without the thought of money & dollars. 

Here we are, one year later and everything we had as goals on our board has almost been accomplished. Connecting hundreds, maybe thousands of people to one another, showing new people what this scene is about, teaching/extending knowledge but at the same time learning. Sometimes when your so busy trying to build something and grow something you forget to take a step back and look at things. To take a step back and see how far we've come in a year has been incredible, all the hard work everyone has put in got us to where we are today. 

18k+ following on IG, thousands of dollars raised, tons (literally) of food raised, it's been a huge blessing to be able to help and give. Also, to give people the opportunity to do good and give back. What we've created is a brand that everyone can relate to, we don't require money for memberships, we don't ask for anything in return except time. Spend time, give time and give back. Through everything that has happened, we've never lost sight of what got us here, the support of every single person. Without you guys, the people, we would never be here or be successful. We can throw as many events we want, post as many pictures but if you guys don't show up, show love, comment/like we would be NOTHING.

With that being said when 1 year came around we knew we had to do something to show our appreciation. This is how our 1 year anniversary event came about, to give thanks to all of you. We knew we needed a venue to hold the amount of people we thought would show up. That was our first step, Cabe Toyota of Long Beach was generous enough to give us that space. They cleared the service lot & all their bays for us; they even got a huge 2 story lot across the street cleared - THANK YOU! Huge shout out to Kenny & Mike from Cabe Toyota. 

Second, on our list was to secure food... Hey, nothing worse than coming to an event and having to leave because there is no food served! Originally, we were going to have tacos but Cabe/Mike wanted to serve better food for the guests! They switched up the menu serving gourmet burgers & dogs, oh, also 50LBS of slow smoked pork. @hartleatherco & his father served all the guests, about 600+ people were served (WOW). We were expecting an awesome turn out but you guys surprise us EVERY single time.

Our next task to tend to was tunes, what do we do? Just plug an aux in? Nah, its our 1 year we need to do it big! Being that we have such a large community we reached out to some good friends, and ended up having @aront4r donate his services to the event, he was playing some bangers the entire time and had the great vibes flowing!!! Another reason why we love our community, people are so giving!

Hmm... What was next? Oh, how do we help people/giveback using our platform. If you're familiar with us you know every event is tied into some type of charity or philanthropy. We've helped people (humans lol) it was time we did something for our furry friends, the ones we take on our trips, the ones that are always so happy & loving us unconditionally. Let's do something for them and help save some lives. Kunaal @tailsonthetrail, took the horns on this one and did all the leg work. He was able to contact a few humane societies & pounds in the area to figure out the needs and how we could really make a difference. We were able to get in contact with someone from Zoom Room in Huntington Beach where Liyah (Kunaal's Pup) attends for training. We ended up choosing to working with the @ospca in Orange County, it was a no brainer after they explained to us what their "No empty bowls program" was all about. For those that are not familiar with what that program is, it helps feed animals that are in shelters as well as pet owners that are struggling to keep their pets fed. It truly is an awesome cause for animals that we love so much.

For those that have been to our events, we always have some awesome raffles, vendors always generously donate good to help bring in charity items we are currently trying to receive. For this one in particular, since it was our 1 year anniversary we wanted to fund, and gather the items ourselves. Every item that was raffled off during our 1 year event was funded solely by the OCO crew. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank and let these people be known: Kunaal Kumar, Jimmy Im, Stuart Stevenson, Aaron Satterfield, Thomas Mundy, Travis Hess & Fieldcraft, Jason Denney & Rig'D, Garren of Nova Wraps, Eibach, Hart Leather Co, Spartan Rope & GG lighting. Y'all the real MVPS!

Our event was advertised/promoted as 9:00AM start, by now we are well aware of how this goes & what that means lol. It means if we arrive an hour early to the event we will be "late." So we coordinated to be there around 7:00-7:15AM, by the time we rolled in there was already roughly 10 rigs there, CRAZY! Convoys were rolling in from all over for our event, Riverside, west covina & LA areas. We were expecting an awesome turnout. 

As the hours rolled past more familiar faces began to show and it's always awesome getting to hang out with all our buddies in one place. These events are often trolled and made fun of but there isn't anything wrong with having charity events, or gatherings. It gives people a chance to check out builds up close and others who don't have any time to get away for a weekend a few hours to hang and speak to a ton of people. Before we knew it, the entire lot was filled, across the street both levels were filling up and the rigs were STILL rolling in. @localyotas came down brought about 20 tacomas, it was awesome to see the support from the bros. A couple hours in the police had to come down and see what was going on since there was such a huge crowd, thats always cool to see. 

The event was turning out to be a huge success, rigs from all over showed up & almost every rig from IG that people wanted to see were present. It was cool to see so many people get to meet the rigs they loved and talk to the owners personally, of course the BEST part is always meeting the new faces that have been dying to come to one of our events. That is probably the most important part in these gatherings, is to meet new people and introduce them to each other. Raffle time rolled around and as always it's awesome to see the stoke on peoples faces when they win prizes. Pretty rad to come to an event, get fed and go home with some dope gifts!

As the hours rolled past, and the rigs began to leave it was time to take a step back and take in what had just happened. We just gathered 400+ rigs in one place, we just fed over 600+ people, and collected a TON of cat/dog food. After the official weighing came in from the @ocspa we found out that this awesome community collected roughly 5 thousand pounds of food, that is not a typo, 5 THOUSAND POUNDS, 2 and a half tons and was the largest donation ever received to date! If this doesn't bring warmth to your heart, we don't know what would! When the president of the foundation came down to pick up the food she was fighting back tears, speaking to us about what we just had done for them. Things like this are priceless, how something so small can make such an impact... How one person can make a difference, one person can make a change.. This is what we pride ourselves on, and this is what Oc Overland is all about.

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