Man, it has been a while - I apologize for the lack of posts!

We've definitely missed a few posts on trips we've been on but we are going to get back to it soon! 

This past Sunday we held a coat driving in Huntington beach at Riip Beer Co.   for the One warm coat foundation  !

As always, it was an awesome event & turnout. The crew arrived at roughly 8:45-9:00 and there were already people in the parking lot. Early bird's get the worm!

The event was happening rain or shine and I'm glad people still showed up; about mid day the sun came out and it was beautiful. We started collecting coats and handing out raffle tickets around 10:00AM; boy there was some awesome donations. Some coats were a couple hundred dollar's and some people even brought brand new ones they just purchased. Just shows you what type of community we have here. Each donation was accompanied with a rad St. Pattys special edition patch provided by @ragofabrication!

We took over the entire parking lot; the community was looking strong. It's always awesome to see all the different builds, each rig is unique in it's own way. The bad thing about these events is you catch the mod bug and always end up wanting to buy something new :). 

We met a ton of new faces and got to hang out with old friends, this is what these events are all about. It was getting close to the time to run the raffle and we did a quick count on the bags of coats gathered, 12 with one being filled. We ended up with 13 total, the day after - the foundation sorted and counted the donations... It was the second largest donation they've ever received.. Definitely a win!!

We just wanted to thank everyone for coming out and joining us for an awesome cause..

Thank you to Riip for allowing us to take over the lot and thank you to Rago for providing awesome goodies. 

Check out some awesome photos below from Jason @kodastacoma & James @bountyrunr. 

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