Karl Strauss - Hurricane Relief Fundraiser!

For a month and a half we promoted this huge meet & greet/fundraiser with one thought in mind, raise as much money for these people that we can. 
A success would be a major understatement for the turnout and money that we raised, it was amazing. The original plan was to just bring everyone together and have a great time, Socal Tacomas and Socal Yota partnered up with us to make the event incredible. 
We contacted a bunch of vendors to donate raffle items for the cause and they overall participation was outstanding. Everyone was all hands on deck, this community is not like anything else. Everyone wanted to help and lend a hand where they could; it was a humbling to see. 
We rolled in at 9AM thinking we were an hour early and no one was going to be there. There were already 10 rigs in the lot when we showed up!
We set up the raffle booth and immediately started selling raffle tickets, it was only 9:15AM. 
The rigs started rolling in and the lot began to fill, Joe (socal tacomas) and I looked at each other and said, "This is going to be huge!"
10:30AM hit and we were already half way through a roll of 1 thousand raffle tickets. 

Not one parking spot was left in the whole lot, the bro's from desert media did a quick count and we were already at 300 rigs with more coming and about 10 circling around for parking spots. 
11:00AM hit and we literally took over Karl Strauss. I did my rounds and almost every single table/seat was occupied by one of us from the event. It was definitely a sight to see! 
We opened the raffle back up at 12:15 and continued to sell tickets. We couldn't even take a break it was out of control (in a good way).
We ran the raffle at 1:00PM for the winners and it was great to see how stoked everyone was for each other when the winners were announced. 
The event was everything we hoped for plus more, we would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting an amazing cause. 
We raised $5,300 before Rich matched the amount raised. Overall, we must say we helped alot of people in need and this was what it's all about. 
300+ rigs... Let that soak in... INCREDIBLE! 

I wanted to take a second and thank a few people..
First of all Socal Tacomas & Socal Yota for partnering up with us and making this happen.
Secondly, we wanted to thank the vendors who donated all the rad raffle items.
Lastly, we wanted to thank my wife Lisa, her friends Caressa & Courtney,Trevor, Lara, Louella, Jimmy, Freddy, and Claudia for running the entire raffle booth from start to finish. 
We could not have done it without y'all!