Another successful event..

The turnout at Toyota HB was incredible, it's an amazing feeling to be able to help those that are less fortunate. 

It's not always an easy thing to give back and pay it forward, so we wanted to firstly thank Toyota Of HB for allowing us to hold our event there and clearing out an entire dealership for us. 

I wanted to thank Rich @rich_varrstoen & Joe @socaltacomas for joining me and putting this event together. It's really a great thing to be able to provide people with a platform to pay it forward, anyone can give back but to be able to create something where people can come and display their generosity is another. 
Our event ran from 8AM-12PM this past Sunday, and man, it was EPIC. I had everyone that was helping/vendors roll up around 6:30 to make sure we got everything setup and situated before the crowd showed up. 
When we got there, there were at least 10 rigs already there for the toy drive! At around 7-730 we were already starting to run the raffle and collecting toys since their were so many early birds. It's awesome to see how many people lending their free time and money to help someone. We gathered all kinds of toys, bikes, board games, etc...
The booth was ran smoothly by the OCO crew and I couldn't thank my team enough for putting in the hours. People were donating bags and bags, boxes and boxes of goodies. Raeven @build_trek_shoot filled his entire trunk with toys for the drive, thank you dude! 
Some of the awesome people from this community even showed up, donated and didn't want a raffle ticket, SHOUT OUT TO YOU!!!

While the booth was being ran by half the team on one side, the other half was cooking hot dogs for the hungry attendees on the other. There was so many badass rigs, i love/hate these events because after I am always wanting to buy something new LOL, my wallet hates it.  
The entire dealership was completely filled, front to back, rigs had to find street parking or park across the street. It was definitely a sight to see, the raffle ran and a lot of people left with some awesome prizes.
We filled 4 truck beds completely with toys, we even filled the insides of a couple because it was overflowing. 
Jason @tacodust, Nolan @mild.taco, Mike @sexytacoma2.0, and Ray @vei1side, took the toys over to @givingchildrenhope lead by Rich @rich_varrstoen.
They weighed over 800 LBS of toys... 800!!! Wow, the foundation was actually getting low on their toys and were getting worried on how they would serve these kids for the upcoming holidays. Our toy drive is going to keep them stocked and make sure every single kid in their foundation is going to get what they want this Christmas..
If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you've got something wrong with ya!

Check out the photos below if you weren't able to make the event!
Photo credit: @milkteacoma @bountyrunr @jesse_vt @wedger

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