Happy Monday Ya’ll!!!

Another week, another AMAZING camping trip. The weather finally got cool enough for us to spend a weekend out in the desert, ANZA BORREGO to be exact.

From Orange County, Anza is about 2.5 hrs – it’s really a nice short ride. Most of us were up at 5:00AM loading the rigs up and getting ready for a weekend of adventures. The caravan from OC was set to depart at 6:00AM for a 8:30ish arrival at Red Earth Casino, the convoy consisted of John @socal_overland, Aaron and Liz @4rtep, Emily @gr8eej, Kunaal @tailsontrail, Freddy & Claudia @dirtyreaper_t4r, Huey & Jen @toyolo_, Dave @myfjcruzer, and myself Casey @kcsaysngo accompanied by Jim @ripcord_ !

The ride was perfect, the sun was rising as we were getting to our meet up spot, the day has started off just perfect. The people that lived a bit further south from us OC locals met us at Red Earth casino so they didn’t have to back track – this crew consisted of Jimmy and his son Nehemiah @jimmyspeeks_, Stuart @stuart_stevenson, Matt @mattdewread, Drew @drewdaytoday, Art @mtb_rn, Danny @dannybz_t4r, Kelly @_mtns_yo, and Kevin @trdkevin. Oh, lets not forget the pups on this trip as well! Liyah, GiGi, Venice, Spark plug, and Charlie.

The crew was all accounted for and we were set to hit some dirt. We were still waiting on a couple more rigs but we will get to them shortly! We left the casino and headed down the 78 to our first meet up spot, Fish Creek wash & Split mountain road.

We headed down on some dirt for maybe 2 miles and aired down, our first destination was Sand Stone canyon. If you haven’t been to the desert you definitely should, it’s a sight to see. All the slots and canyons are made by mother nature, the colors are beautiful. We went through a few obstacles on Sand Stone before we got to the main two that everyone has probably seen all over Instagram. It was a tight squeeze so 2 rigs went to check it out as the rest of us circled out of the canyon to meet at the entrance to Diablo’s Drop Off. Luckily, not all 17 rigs wanted to go through the Sand Stone obstacle because as soon as we made it out to the road, the 2 rigs came out and let us know it was all blocked off! Like I said earlier the terrain here changes weekly, sometimes daily, all by mother nature. 

We are now back at the fork where the entrance to Diablo was, we were waiting on 3 rigs, Joseph @solojolon1, Aaron @alldaytacoma, and Sebastian @embarkoverland. Before we knew it, dust was flying and the rigs were rolling in! The squad was all here, let the fun begin!

Life keeps us all busy, and between that, with work, kids, marriage, whatever it may be. When we all get together we cherish those times/memories – we pick up right where we left off.

We headed up to Diablos Drop off and did some obstacles. Diablo, if you haven’t been is a really fun shoot. There are 2/3 ways up or down so you can choose your route depending on skill level. If you guys don’t know me by now, I pointed every capable rig to hit the difficult section lol! It’s always great to see what these rigs are capable of and how each build is so different & unique. It’s in these situation’s we get the chance to teach people how to use their Christmas lights aka all their fancy 4WD buttons. We finished Diablo and headed back down to find a nice spot for lunch, Teriyaki Chicken was on the menu!

We set up the rigs, had a nice grub sesh & recharged our batteries (yes, we need breaks and recharging too.) People forget how important it is to get out and stretch your legs; it makes the journey a bit easier. The guys were shooting some cans with a BB gun and sling shot, as always, bets were made and lost haha! We packed up and headed to camp when I was finally able to get some service, I checked my messages and AJ @fotornr who was meeting up with us the next day had told us that the camp ground we wanted to stay at was closed due to a heavy flash flood a while back. Another Tacoma we were passing by also told us the same news; plan B was now decided and we headed down the wash to find somewhere suitable to fit all of us without disturbing the peacefulness of the desert. When you are off the grid it’s always nice to be very flexible, things can change, terrain changes weekly due to weather. You always want to have back up plans and be familiar with the areas.

We dropped in on a nice solid area that everyone agreed on, we found camp!!!!

Everyone setup and we were getting ready for dinner. Danny and Jimmy were on the clock for tonight’s dinner service! Jimmy whipped beef stew while Danny had some Sinigang with pork shoulder. The food is no joke at our camping events :) lol; there is literally nothing like some hot soup with a campfire and a chilly night. Dave had Cajun pasta on the other side as well, I didn’t think I was that hungry, next thing I know I had eaten a bowl of everything hahah!

It was time for some desert and Dave with his famous Dutch oven baked a Pinapple Upside down cake, it was legendary. The guys couldn't get enough and everyone was giving Dave props for his masterpiece he just baked. Now that we were all full, it was time to unwind and take some shots! One thing led to another and the guys ended up shot gunning at least 10-12 beers, contests were being held and as always bets were being made! Time flew by and I started to smell something delicious, someone was cooking again… Aaron and Liz were on the skottle whipping up some Korean BBQ – MMmMMM, I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but great company by a fire is one of the best things in the world. These people in the short time I’ve know them mean so much to me and I wouldn’t trade these memories/times for anything, it was time to get some sleep.

Morning came quick and we were well rested with the time change. I was crawling out of my tent to the smell or something sweet, Dave was back at it again with the dutch oven, CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!!!

Jo, Matt, Aaron, Glenn and Jairo were up to something as well… Jo, was asking for the skottle. They were about to whip up some eggs, spam, fried rice and longanisa, got to start your day off with a full stomach.

We saw dust from afar and it was AJ! He had just finished his photo shoot that was won by James & Lisa @tacoma_travels @tacoma_sidekick from our Hurricane Relief meet. Everyone exchanged hugs as it’s always good to see our friends make it safe & sound. The itinerary was figured out for the day and on the road we went. We did Diablo’s drop off one more time & AJ took us to devils slide, it’s basically just big sand dunes where everyone could play. It was great to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they hit the hills, the weekend was quickly coming to an end but the memories will last forever. We hope to someday be able to get on a trip with everyone that supports us…

Until next time!