Canned Food Drive - Wicks Brewery

Another day, another event. Things have gotten pretty crazy for us lately, every weekend there seems to be something planned. Whether it be a trail run, meet & greet, or camping trip. This past weekend we had a canned food drive with @vtxwheels and @socaltacomas! We partnered up with @feedingamerica in order to donate non-perishables to those in need, we started at @AFEpower in the AM to kill some time as the brewery didn't open up until 11:00AM. AFE was pretty generous in offering 20% to anyone who wanted to shop at their spot that morning! 

One by one the rig started rolling in and it started to be a badass turn out. Old friends were showing up and as always it was awesome to catch up with the people you don't get to see every day. New friends were made, I was able to meet a bunch of great people that I hope to see a lot more of in the future. It's always great to see so many people come together for such an amazing cause, how events like this just bring out the generosity in each person. I always say it, we might not be rich but we are well off enough to give back. 

We headed over to the brewery at about 10:00AM, some of the others had left before to set up booths. The vendors present were: @Demellooffroad headed by Mike @sexytacoma2.0, @wilco_offroad headed by Jason @tacodust, @vtxwheels headed by Rich @rich_varrstoen. We want to thank these vendors for lending their time to give back. 

The raffle booth was poppin' and the food was piling in. Mike's entire truck bed was filled completely; people were bringing 2/3 bags, big boxes, and hundreds of dollars worth of non-perishables. It was truly amazing - let's not forget about all the awesome rigs that were there. We saw so many cool mods that are now going to hurt the wallet lol. The brewery opened finally and we piled in, we were all starving! After about an hour Joe @socaltacomas started the raffle, we had some pretty cool stuff to give away. Pods, $300 gift certificate etc.. Rich, came out of the blue and donated a Pro Eagle jack! What a man!!!!

Jason @tacodust donated a Yeti Cooler along with patches and things from Wilco for a pretty badass side raffle. All the proceeds were donated for the fires that terrorized California a couple weeks ago. Thanks J for that amazing gesture, it shows again what a difference one person can make. All it takes is one person to make a difference and change. All the boxes provided to us were filled to the top, they were overflowing. A lot of people will be left with full bellies and we couldn't be happier. This is just the beginning and events like this will happen more frequently, our next event will be a Toy Drive in Decemeber! See you all there!!! 

Casey Ngo3 Comments