Holy Jim - Trail Clean Up!

You know, one of the luxuries we have being based here in Orange County is the local trails. We are pretty much centralized where we are at and we can get to some pretty awesome places. Anza Borrego, Gorman, Big bear, Joshua Tree, the 395, Cleghorn/Pilot rock + many more are all within 1-4 hrs of here. Its definitely something we take advantage of; but closest to us is Holy Jim trail. 

This is where we go for quick day trips, this is where we go for that dirt therapy session that some of us need after a hard week of work. As our crew spent more and more time on the trails we realized one thing... This place is in bad shape, trash everywhere, it literally became an unofficial dump. You wouldn't believe some of the things you saw there: TV's, dresser's, washer/dryer machines, beer bottles/cans, tons and tons of peoples mail, all different kinds of wood, for sale signs, you name it we saw it. 

If ya'll know us, you know our biggest thing is giving back to the community, it was then decided by our team that we would hold a trail clean up day at our beloved local trail, HOLY JIM. 

The idea was and concept was amazing and the guys in this crew continue to amaze me daily.

The plan was to take to our instagram and start with a flyer, we were hoping the community would all jump in and help us spread the word on what we were doing and that is exactly what happen! It spread like wild fire, people were re-posting and jumping in to volunteer, before we knew it we were expecting 20-25 rigs. We knew it was going to be a long day, and the temperatures didn't help at all, it was going to be a scorcher. We also knew people were going to lend their time and do a lot of intense labor. We would provide gloves & trash-bags so no one would have to spend their own money; we got donuts and croissants for breakfast so everyone was full before we started. Jason @tacodust went out of his way and provided water/beer for the ENTIRE clean up crew (THANK YOU J). 

The day started and we split into 3 groups tackling different sections we knew that needed the most help. It was all hands on deck, everything was being picked up and Holy Jim is looking like how it's supposed to again. Slowly but surely, section by section, we cleaned and cleaned. We brought 250 trash bags, Rich @rich_varrstoen brought another 10-15 and a couple other rigs brought 10 each as well. After this whole thing was finished we filled about 300 trash bags, we stacked the beds of the Tacomas that came out, with tons of other larger objects. It was a sight to see... The sweat and hard work of this awesome community once again is paying off, we also had a little surprise up our sleeves. We had about $100 dollars in gift certificates we would reward the hardest workers, we didn't want to announce that beforehand so people showed up to work for an incentive, we rewarded the people after that lent us their time just for a great cause. I am so thankful for every single one of you that came out; we did a great thing and we can't wait for next time. 

Casey Ngo