Gorman through Narnia. (Los Padres National Forest)

This past weekend we led a crew up to Gorman and it was incredible, I would have to say every rig that attended leveled up lol.

We took some difficult trails to get to our campground Lockwood to be exact, all our Christmas lights were definitely turned on. We call it Christmas lights when you have to engage all the fancy buttons our rigs have. The trails were pretty gnarly but no one needed to be recovered, we normally scout everything before a trip but since the gates were closed due to weather we were unable to get up there and do a run beforehand. The weather had made the trails pretty rutted out, the rocks were bigger than before and in the weirdest angles.

We had a little lunch before we headed up, a couple of the guys were having some fun in the rigs and got hung up on a little fallen tree. A branch went right through a tire on the sidewall, all good since we always come prepared, it was all hands on deck as aways, Sean @hadokyn_t4r jumped right into action to lend Bruno @bpaulin_ a hand. They used the hilift to jack up the rig and the tire was replaced in no time! (pics of the tire in the gallery)

We had finally gotten the crew up and past all the craziness; we were about an hour away from camp now. We took a break and enjoyed the views from the top of the hill while Kunaal @tailsonthetrail checked our route to see which direction base camp was. We couldn’t figure it out for a second but then we realized the direction we needed to go was completely overgrown, brush and branches were completely blocking the trail and you could not see ANY tracks. We knew then that we would have to strictly rely on our navigation skills to get us there. We started rolling through the brush and all you could hear was the screeching of the branches on the paint, needless to say, we got a “few” pinstripes. About half way through we could feel the uneasiness of the team going through what we called NARNIA, we reassured everyone that once we got to the campground it would be worth it. About 45 mins later and we made it, an awesome campground with a beautiful creek, going through Narnia was finally worth it.

We all set up camp as night fell and started cooking some amazing food. Pulled pork sliders were on the menu for this trip and it was mouthwatering.

The next morning we headed down the same trail and shot straight home!

Until next time!