Fuel the Vets - Toyota Of Huntington Beach

One of the biggest turn outs this year was the Fuel the Vets event at @ToyotaHBservice put together by @jillianrebekah. I don’t know the exact number of rigs but I would have to say there was about 300. People came from all over to attend the event for an incredible cause.

The reason for the event was to raise/fund money for @Teamoverland which focuses on rehabilitating vets with PTSD and reintegrating them back into the world. Its tough to be at deployed and fight for our country and see some of these things these men and women have to see, to endure the stuff they go through is something we can never imagine. While we are here worrying about our next mods and what trails to hit next, these people are putting their lives on the line, battling every day to make sure we have the freedom to do what we do. Leaving family, children, pets and loved ones behind to fight the fight for us, we thank you whole heartedly.

Naturally, when AJ @fotornr reached out to me to see if we would like to be a part of something like this we were 100% interested. I immediately told him we are in and let me know what is needed; we don’t have much to give as far as product and things like that but I knew we could donate something more valuable, our time. For a month everyone promoted the event and it was gaining some good traction, by the time the event was around the corner I could say about 100 rigs from our crew was rolling and I was stoked to get all of us in one place.

The food was fire, Mike @htcpurp and the crew did an amazing job setting up a taco stand, everyone was fed and happy! There were so many amazing rigs, tacos, 4unners, FJs, you name it. It was awesome to see so many different mods on the different rigs and see what/why each person modded their rig in that way. If you weren’t able to attend, it was amazing, Mike cleared the entire lot out for us…

I was able to meet so many people that followed us on Instagram and got to shake hands with so many new faces as well!

The event raised 5k! That’s incredible, so many sick raffle items, we donated but didn’t want any raffle tickets, it was exciting to see the looks on people’s faces as they won the items.

Jill said this might be a yearly thing so if you missed out this time, there will be another!!!!