Big Bear to Lucerne!

We did a small trip this weekend and hit all the scenic routes up in big bear. It was a really great time and something different from what we normally do. We took a ride up to Butler's peak for some views and lunch, it was incredible. Josh @overlandtheory was leading us through and I just wanted to take a second out to thank him this weekend!

After lunch we headed back down the mountain to another lookout spot, I wasn't paying attention and slammed my front passenger tire into a giant rock, needless to say - my alignment was destroyed! It was trekking straight as the steering wheel was turned to almost 90 degrees. ALWAYS, pay attention on the trails folks, that could've been a bumper instead. 

We knew it would take about 3.5 hrs to get to camp so we headed back down through Holcomb and snapped some photos for content. We got to camp in Lucerne Valley and met up with the rest of the crew, thank you Johnny @tiggernutz for the hospitality. They had headed up the night before so they got a little head start on us. We were all stoked to see eachother, LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!

Wait.. Before the party, we need to eat again LOL. Jimmy @jimmyspeeks_ broke out the pot stickers, MmM, these hit the spot before we started to drink some beers. The menu we had was delicious, carne asada tacos by Aaron @4rtep, 3.5 HR slow roasted prime rib from Dave @myfjcruzer & peach cobbler for desert (all done in the dutch oven), and spicy buffalo chicken thighs from Jimmy and I. 

As you all know by now, we don't play around when it comes to our camp food haha. After dinner the night was still very young, we hung out, shared stories and made memories that'll last a life time. Some of the guys went off to shoot, while others took dirt bikes and shredded in the soft sand. A few of us stayed at camp to take in the beautiful scenery and the bright stars that were beginning to fill the sky. The fire was burning, the stars were out, the company was awesome, I can't think of a more perfect moment. 

Every trip with this family is one for the books. 

Casey Ngo