Coyote Flat - Camping Trip

September is finally here, and it's time for our monthly camping trip! We are headed to the sierras for some fun with the crew, Coyote Flats to be exact and we were accompanied by just about 35 rigs! 
Due to the number of rigs we split the crew into two groups; morning and night. The morning group had 18 rigs total, we left at 5:00am from Orange county for OC locals and met up at Bass Pros in Rancho Cucamonga for people from LA.
On the road we go - I don't know if everyone reading this has been down the 395 before but if you haven't it definitely is a must. So many things to see and places to stop; our first stop was the Cotton wood Charcoal Kilns (Photos Below). 
These were created to provide charcoal to the Cerro Gordo mine in the 1860's, it was believed these mines totaled $20 million in silver and lead bullion. 
Next stop on the list was the famous Alabma Hills, you can literally spend hours here exploring the rock formations. It is a sight to see and it is highly recommended. We had lunch here; Shredded chicken fajita tacos were on the menu and we wanted the crew to have a full belly before we headed to our last stop, BISHOP.
We drove through the city and filled up our tanks in Bishop, some of the guys grabbed groceries and off to base camp we went. 
After about 2 hours we got to camp, beautiful sight with a lake in front. 
It was time for dinner.. Cajun Spaghetti was getting whipped up while the crew set up camp. 
We were preparing for a COLD night, we were expecting 14 degree weather at 10.5k elevation. 
The shots came out as we all mingled and shares stories by the fire, it was about 10:00pm and we got some snow fall; it was beautiful. 
The majority of us fell asleep and around 4:00AM the night crew rolled in!!!!
WHEW, the whole gang has finally arrived!!!!!!
Morning came, and it was time for breakfast,  breakfast burritos, steak and eggs, longanisas were on the menu. We all exchanged hugs and were glad the whole gang was together again safe and sound. 
A few of us headed out on a hike and a couple others went trailing around the area. The rest of us stayed at camp to hang out and shoot some BB guns :). 
It was lunch time and its time to grub! Fried chicken sliders, 3.5 hour slow roasted Asado from Argentina, and sausages were the entrees. Needless to say, we were all stuffed.
We shotgunned beers, snapped photos and enjoyed each others company. The sun was setting and we we gearing up for another chilly night. 
We were expecting 10 degree weather.... YIKES!
Pulled pork fried rice and PHO were just finished cooking; the food was amazing. 
Yes, we love to eat good food while we are off the grid. No roughing it when it comes to food for us. 
We stayed up singing, telling jokes and laughing all night. Another amazing weekend was coming to an end and we were all ready to hit the hay. 
The next morning we packed up and as always scanned the camp ground for trash, PACK IN - PACK OUT! LEAVE NO TRACE.
We split up into smaller groups to get out of the trails a little quicker and just like that the weekend was over.. Another one for the books.. Homeward bound!
We hope you enjoyed our recap of our camp weekend... Until next time!!!

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