OC Overland was founded in April, 2017 with only one thought in mind, connecting the community and giving back as much as possible.
What started out as a group of 3 great friends turned into something bigger than we had ever hoped to imagine. 

We remember back when we started the forums were the #1 source to find information about mods, trail runs and finding new people to ride with. We were looking for a more personal way to connecting with people from our community, to be more hands on and direct.

Who do you call to romp a day run? Who could I ask for mod advice? How could we get people to go camping? Where can I get trail info?

We didn’t know either, this is how OCO became. It was then set and our goal was to be the source for all these questions and connecting one person to the next. Bringing different people together from different cities all over.

Inbox’s begin to fill, comments began to trickle in, people were reaching out.

Our beliefs? GRASS ROOTS. Elevating people, bringing people together and giving people a family to join. We welcome everyone to join our family with open arms regardless of your background, what you drive, or what you have been through. Which is a major reason why our events draw a large number of the community at a time.

The love and support our community has shown us is humbling, and this is why we will not stop giving back and continue to use our platform to help others. 

We hope to see ya’ll at one of our events soon!

-          OC Overland

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